Matt Sundstedt Bio

Matt Sundstedt is a singer, songwriter, producer and one of the most-recognized talents in San Diego’s rock and alternative pop music scene. Through his work as a solo artist, and his collaborations with other talented musicians in his studio, Matt has distinguished himself as not only one of the region’s top performers, but also one of its brightest creative forces. Matt helps to co-write with, produce, and  develop other artists. Matt is currently lead guitarist for the band “The Good Tones“.

Matt has  studied voice for over a decade under the tutelage of iconic voice coach Ron Anderson. Ron has worked with hundreds of rock and pop radio stars over the last 30 years. Matt teaches these techniques to his voice students and also helps them to develop and produce their best sounds when recording in the studio.

A self-taught guitarist and pianist whose virtuosity earned him a First Place finish in the San Diego Guitar Wars at the age of 20, Matt continues to share his love of music and learning by offering private guitar, piano and vocal lessons to students across North San Diego County. He also co-writes with and produces other artists as well. Click to hear artists he has co-written with, recorded, and produced.